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Growth of online shopping

With affluence growing in the country and the middle-class success doubling more than the previous couple of years, the spending on shopping has grown as well. Online shopping has witnessed unprecedented development. A research states that online shopping in India will develop exponentially. The research mentions that online shopping saw 128 Percent growth in the calendar year 2011-2012. The year prior to that online shopping had grown 40 Percent only. This exponential improve can be ascribed to web sites and businesses becoming more user friendly, also the consumers’ propensity to buy things online has risen significantly. These web sites continuously update their online clothing collection and offers seasonal sale which is also updated frequently. They also provide discounts which tend to lure consumers into buying things online over purchasing the same things offline.

Apparels and accessories

The sale of apparels and accessories, including online shopping for bra went up 30% more than the this past year. This category fares second in terms of development. The category which has observed optimum growth is consumer electronics, which grew 34%. However, the apparels and accessories category is expected to defeat the consumer electronics section this season.

Time saving & comfort

It’s more practical to shop for bras online because there is an array of designs, brand, and dimension readily available on a single web site that you can find in any store. Also, many of them offer profitable offers, like free items on the purchase of 1 or 2 bra units, which only improves their appeal and drives more traffic to the web site. With a continuously changing clothing collection and almost a new selection added to their site daily, more and more customers browse through the websites to find the kind of bra they life. This is extremely difficult to do offline. One just cannot go to a lingerie store daily to find the correct bra to be worn under their gorgeous dresses. Shopping online not only saves you time but additionally provide you with a plethora of choices to chose from the comfort of seated at your home.

Books category

Another category that has developed substantially is the books category; the category increased 15% in 2012 – 2013. The availability of books online has posed a big risk to regular book stores. Online stores allow you to set alerts about the accessibility of books if certain books usually are not available at the time of shopping, additionally they dole out great discounts and run devotion programs that encourage clients to make a repeat purchases.

Beauty and Personal care

The beauty and personal care segment has expanded 10 Percent calendar year on calendar year. Online stores are ensuring that they get more and more brands to their platform, to ensure that the customer discovers all of that she requirements without having to hop from one website to the other or from going to a store every now and then.

Home and furnishing

The home and furnishing category has grown 6 Percent in the final financial year. A great deal of these websites sell authentic Indian native handicrafts at a very reasonable price. This category is in a way promoting Indian native handicrafts and craftsmanship, providing a livelihood to artists as well as finding a market for their art, therefore helping revive decadent workmanship. So following time you want to purchase a home decorating great, do check the websites before making your buy.

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