How to sell your aged watch at appropriate price

Selling your watch

Are you asking yourself what to do together with your aged watch? Does it still work, but you just don’t require it any longer? If so, it might be a good idea to go on and sell your watch. Before you decide to adhere a price tag on it an go door to door to try an sell it, there are several things that you can consider. You must know how to ready your watch for a sale, how to price it, and how to present it.

Preparing Your Watch For Sale

If you watch is broken, you may want to take it to a watch repair shop and get it working once again. If you need to change the battery, go on and replace it. You should not try out to sell your watch if it does not work, or if the battery is dead. It would not make a purchaser happy, and that just isn’t good business.


Consider changing the watchband. If the initial band is used or damaged, a new watchband can make it more attractive to buyers. The only exception to this principle is if it is a collectible watch, in which case the initial music group, scrapes, and so on., would include to the worth.

Clean the watch

You can shine and clean the watch so that it looks like new. Again, an aged enthusiasts watch should be remaining alone to ensure that the age of the watch shows.

How to Price Your Watch

Do some investigation regarding the price of watches that are similar to your own. What materials could it be created out of? What functions does it have? Is it analog or digital? What brand could it be? Consider all of these factors before you decide to compromise on a price. Naturally, you need to set your price a small reduced that brand new variations of your watch.

Vintage wrist watches

Vintage wrist watches ought to be used to an appraiser to figure out the worth.

How to Present Your Watch

If you are prepared to sell your watch, you have too choices. You can sell it online or you can sell it to a shop. If you sell it online, make certain that you post a crystal clear picture that allows audiences to see the watch in great lighting. Explain the watch in details, such as any enhancements that you created (such as a new band).

Watch original state

If you want to sell it to a shop, bring the watch in its original situation, if you still have it, or in another quality case or container. Emphasize reasons why they can profit from buying and selling your watch.

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