Top 5 steps to be followed to spit shine the men’s dress shoes

Basic cleaning of shoes

 The very first thing you need to do is to get ready the shoes for men whilst keeping them prepared to shine. It’s your basic clean away the dirt and particles with any moist item of fabric or brush. Use small round motions to even use one layer of shine on the natural leather shoes. You require to let them dried out for about 15 to 20 minutes before starting off the following phase.

Use a moist fabric

The next is for you to use a moist fabric and try to make all the polish kitchen sink in to the shoes by moving the fabric about your fingers and applying a little of pressure while successfully distributing the shine uniformly on the shoes. Just dip an item of fabric into a mug of water to make it moist, this way, all of the polish on the shoes won’t go with the piece of cloth. If you want, rather of water you can use rubbing alcohol.


The 3rd step in the direction of spit shining men’s dress shoes is for you to buff them which is about finesse. You can use a cotton golf ball or damp fabric; slowly buff the initially coating of shine using the same old small circular motion. This is where you are taking your time; speed will not be a great quality at this time of spit shining. To get an ideal result, you have to start from the toe and work your way to the high heels.

Second layer of polish

The next phase is about applying the second layer of polish. To do this, you need to dip an old t-t-shirt or cotton ball in a dish of clean and make certain it’s not dripping. You simply need it to be moist enough to use the polish on. Use the moist fabric to apply a very light second layer of polish on the completely dried out polished shoes. Use the exact same round sluggish movement to apply this polish before you see a hazy shine.

Lighting levels of shine

For those who have not become that hazy shine that you seek, our recommendation is that you retain applying just lighting levels of shine to your men’s dress shoes till you have received the desired aim

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