Caramel cake is a very yummy buttery cake that can be covered with white caramel icings and chocolate flavoured icings for its decoration. Caramel cake can be cooked in pan and can also be baked in microwave. This cake is usually very easy and simple to manufacture. However, caramel cake contains variety of ingredients such as milk, softened and unsalted butter, baking soda, vanilla extract, eggs flour and caramel frostings. Sometimes, bakers add tooty fruity and nuts in caramel cake for appetising taste. It can be decorated with variety of frostings, icings, and toppings to make the cake luscious and beautiful. Although, lovely and appetising caramel cakes are made with different designs and decorations to attract more and more people. Caramel cakes are widely manufactured in hanumangarh. Order cake in hanumangarh  bakers provide best and fresh caramel cakes.

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Variety of caramel cakes offered by hanumangarh bakeries are as follows

  • Golden caramel cake

Amazing yellow moist cake attracts cake lovers. This golden caramel cake is very succulent in taste that can be served on any occasion and an event also. Though, it is made with the combination of milk, melted and cooled butter, eggs, powdered sugar, vanilla extract or scoops of vanilla and other such ingredients of cake. The yummy dense yellow cake is normally garnished and decorated with luscious ingredients like caramel icings, almonds, and walnuts, tooty fruity and other succulent sweeteners.

send cake to hanumangarh

  • Salted caramel cupcakes

Delectable salted caramel cupcakes are generally very attractive by shape and size. It please people vary greatly to taste. These caramel cupcakes are commonly made in oven. Caramel cupcakes contain the proper mixture of some important ingredients. The ingredients of salted caramel cupcake include salted butter, white creams, flour, egg whites, milk, baking powder and soda, milk powder and chopped milky chocolates. These cupcakes are generally covered upside- down with white and chocolate brown icings. In additions, nuts and blended chocolates are also used to decorate the caramel cupcake.

Double layered caramel cake with sour cream

  • Double layered caramel cake with sour cream

Tempting and palatable sour cream caramel cake normally helps to make the birthday event and any other event wonderful and memorable. Its yummy and scrumptious taste delight people vary greatly. Moreover, double cream caramel cake is produced with the composition of sour cream, almond oil, milk, flour, salted butter, vanilla scoops and baking powder. This cake is generally furnished with yummy frostings, almond nuts, white icings and chocolate sauce. Yummy sweeteners are added to make the cake luscious and Moorish.

          Chocolate filled caramel cake

  • Chocolate filled caramel cake

Yummy and scrummy chocolate filled caramel cake is made for the people who are very crazy for chocolates or chocolate cakes. Generally, chocolate is the main ingredient of chocolate caramel cake. In this cake Chocolate sauces and fudge, chocolate creams and cocoa powder is also added for the appetising taste. Usually, chocolate cake is garnished and decorated with chopped chocolate nuts, chocolate icings and walnuts.

These cakes are very yummy and finger licking. If any defect and foul odor is found in caramel cake by customer. Customer can send cake to hanumangarh, bakers will resend or redeliver the new fresh caramel cake.

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