I’m sure that many people have heard about the new gravity defyer shoes that are all the rage these days. These shoes have special springs in their heel. According to many reviews, people have said that these shoes relieve body pain and are very useful for people who complain about back aches while running and walking. While it might be true, there are a few things you should consider before shopping for these shoes. We have prepared a list of five things that might prove to be useful for you before you spend money on gravity defyer shoes.

Buying tips for Gravity Shoes

  1. Gravity defyer shoes use inversion therapy:

A variety of gravity defyer shoes use inversion therapy which allows you to hang upside down during exercise or training. This inversion therapy applies a pressure on your spine that relives you from back pain. They lean your body at an angle so that you do not have to hang upside down completely. These gravity defyer shoes make inversion therapy effective and comfortable. Among some of the gravity defyer shoes that use inversion therapy are teeter hang ups, pro deluxe anti-gravity boots, Body Solid GIB2 Inversion Boots, Teeter cobra XL gravity boots and goliath labs gravity boots. All of these come with ankle straps that can be adjusted according to your ankle size. They are extremely comfortable and you can consider purchasing them if you want to do an effective inversion therapy at your home.

  1. Gravity defyer shoes have a fast doorstep delivery system:

If you cannot go and physically buy you pair of Gravity defyer shoes from a store, you may consider ordering it online. The shoes will be delivered to you at your doorstep within two to five days, depending on your location. This is very advantageous for people who are unable to buy these shoes because of location or travelling issues.

  1. The Customer service of Gravity defyer shoes:

There are however mixed reviews about the management and salespeople for these shoes. Some people have praised their customer service, while some customers were not satisfied and have claimed that the customer service was unaccommodating.

  1. Gravity defyer shoes come with a 30 day return back policy:

According to many reviews, gravity defyer shoes come with a thirty days return back policy. If you buy a pair of Gravity defyer shoes online and it does not suit you, you can always return it back. This is a great advantage for those who cannot physically go and put on a pair of Gravity defyer shoes and have to order their pair online. Sometimes the size of the shoe or the structure of the shoes does not fit you, in which case you may have to return them. In this case, this return back policy can actually be very useful. However, the management can be a little picky over whether they will return your shoes or not. If they find out that you have used their shoes, or the shoes are in unfit condition, they may not take them back. It is a good suggestion to return the shoes as soon as you find out they are not meant for you.

  1. Gravity defyer shoes come in various designs:

Gravity defyer shoes come in various shapes and designs. Some designs are designed specifically for certain body pains and other problems. You may have to take the suggestion of the customer service in order to find out which shoes are good for you. There is no point in buying a pair of gravity defyer shoes if you feel uncomfortable in it.


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